About Us

Our mission is to provide newsletter publishers a way to monetize their email traffic, and to provide an alternate medium for advertisers to display their services/products to highly targeted recipients via email.

WHAT is Admailr?
Admailr is a performance based Ad Campaign Management platform that inserts Advertisements into targeted email traffic based on behavioral statistics of the recipient.
HOW do we do this?
Admailr is able to do this by using behavior analytics along with some other metrics you plug in, to place your Ads with Partner Email Service Providers.
WHO do we service?
Admailr services Email Service Providers, SMB’s, Advertisers, publishers, bloggers, newspapers, content owners, and Affiliate Networks.
WHO are we partnered with?
Email Service Providers and Ad Networks.

WHY did we create Admailr?

Admailr was created for 3 main reasons.


Business’s have products and services but didn’t have any email lists to market too. Purchasing lists was not accepted by the ESP’s and to be honest didn’t really work if you could mail to them anyway.

Affiliates would now be able to get good inbox delivery and get their products in front of their optimal audience.

Advertisers sending out offers were constantly running into roadblocks of ESP’s (Email Service Providers) blocking their accounts for too many offers being sent out. Most of the time offers were getting mailed and deleted or never reached the inbox. Inbox delivery was poor to say the least. This was their major pain.

Advertisers would now be able to upload their Ad and pay based on performance and get their product distributed through emails.

Publishers (mailers) who were constantly mailing newsletters with good content were consistently looking to reduce costs in mailing. Isn’t reducing operating cost on everyone’s mind? These mailers would receive high activity within their emails and greater inbox delivery which resulted in higher opens and higher click throughs.

Publishers would now be able to monetize their email traffic and start a new revenue stream for their business.