3 Goals of Content Marketing

The rise of the Internet was the single biggest change in the marketing industry. It used to be that marketers are able to assume that they are speaking to a captive audience, in the days when broadcast media reigned as king. With the advent of Internet-capable mobile devices, consumers now get their news and entertainment on-demand.

As a reaction to this massive shift in dynamics, the marketing industry came up with content marketing – now that the audience can dictate their own terms, the marketers will make it their job to give it to them. Unfortunately, many marketers find it hard to adopt the principle of giving consumers the content that they seek out. This is partly because they fail to understand these three important goals of content marketing:

Create Awareness

Marketers who have yet to realize the power of the Internet, particularly novice ones, experience tunnel vision – they are dead set on making a sale, which is understandable since it’s the final part of the funnel. However, you can’t drive sales if people are not aware of whatever it is you are selling. Content marketing will build awareness in a way that consumers won’t resist. Because instead of shoving your brand or image in their face, you are “introducing” it to them via content that they are seeking. Any marketer knows that it’s that inherent resistance that usually prevents sales from materializing, and content marketing is a way to never trigger said resistance in a potential customer.

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Build a Community

What’s better than getting the support of a customer? Easy: getting the support of an entire community of customers. A large number of people banded together by a common fondness for your brand make your marketing efforts sustainable, as they will share new information among themselves and will also become evangelists for your products. With social media, it becomes easier to build a community as it facilitates creation of communities among users and provides tools for easy sharing of your content.

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Content Amplification

Publishing one post on your website is one thing, but with content marketing it can go far beyond that and actually get linked and reposted on other sites, where it will get even more views. In a way, this is the part of content marketing that facilitates some semblance of automation for your content. Instead of just pumping out tons content on a regular basis, you produce fewer content but allow it to spread all over the internet, achieving broader reach while requiring less effort.

These are 3 of the most important goals of content marketing. Of course, none of it will matter if you don’t have decent content that’s worth sharing to your customers. But producing quality content is subject for another article.

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