3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Offer on Your Newsletter

3-ways-to-make-an-irresistiIn most cases, a newsletter’s focal point is the offers that it contains. In an ideal scenario, the best offer will provide something of value to the reader and will give the newsletter owner a tidy sum in return. However, in most cases readers will not bite even at the best offers. So how do you make an irresistible offer on your newsletter? Here are 3 ways:

Focus on Benefits Instead of Features

It doesn’t matter what kind of extra features or how many of them are available in the product or service that you are offering, the readers are only interested in the benefits. And to be frank, the average customer doesn’t have the time or the inclination to do the amount of research needed to connect the two.

For example, if you’re selling computers, the average customer doesn’t care if the product you’re offering has 3 terabytes of hard disk space and a Core i7-3770 processor. But they will pay attention if you tell them that they can store 1 million and 50 thousand songs on the hard disk and that the processor will help them save on energy bills because it’s very efficient. There are customers who are knowledgeable enough to know the benefits based on the features, but they’re the exception and not the rule, and they’re basically the type of people who seek out deals on their own (and therefore less likely to click on an offer.)

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That’s not to say that your offers will be all benefits and no features. You should still provide features for the benefit of people who are skeptical of marketing pitches and promises, but don’t focus on them. Emphasize the benefits. The features are just there if people want to verify the benefits.

Be Proactive in Minimizing Perceived Risk

For any offer, a buyer will always have a perceived risk. They know that the marketer wants them to buy and they understand that it could be enough motivation to lie or even garnish the truth. So they try to look at offers with a pessimistic view and are always on the look out for “the catch,” or what the marketer isn’t telling.

Even if you are the most likable person in the world, there’s no way you can prevent a buyer from this mindset. It’s the natural order of things. But you can be proactive and minimize it by doing two things: first is be upfront about any risks that the offer could bring. Second, you give a guarantee that will mitigate any effects of the risk. For instance, if you’re selling an exercise machine, the risk is that it might not work and the buyer will not lose weight. So you state that this is a real risk, but also counter it by saying that you’re confident of the machine that you’re willing to offer a full refund if the buyer doesn’t feel any effects after a set period of time. This works really well because you confirm their fears and concern while also ensuring that they won’t have to be worried about the risks.

User Testimonials

As mentioned above, people are generally distrustful of marketers and salespeople. They almost always expect that anything you say is just designed to get them to buy stuff, so it’s not very credible. You know who they trust? Other buyers. People in the same position as them. So if you want to bypass that natural distrust, get testimonials from other buyers. Your existing customers will be in a better position to promote your product and assuming that you’re not scamming anyone, satisfied customers are willing to provide a good word or two on your behalf.

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