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The Win-Win Solution: How Email Ad Servers Benefit Publishers & Advertisers

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Have you ever thought about leveraging email newsletters to boost your profits? Email Ad Servers are the innovative new “secret” that might be just what you’re looking for. And guess what, this is true whether you own an email list yourself, or want to leverage someone else’s email list.

Let’s face it: no channel has come even close to achieving the level of intimacy or relationship building power that email commands. And yet, building a list or becoming good at building an engaged audience takes time. So if you’re a business looking to connect with a pre-qualified, warm audience, email ads are the perfect solution for you.

And on the other hand, if you’re an email newsletter publisher, you know that managing monetization can be a drain on your energy and time. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just focus on building the list and engagement, and then put monetization on autopilot?

This is where Email Ad Servers come in. They represent a solution that creates a perfect win-win solution for both publisher and advertiser. It makes everyone’s life easier.

New to Email List Monetization? Turn your engaged audience into revenue (no offers needed).

So you’ve built up a decent little email list, and you’ve created some great engagement. You know that you’re essentially sitting on a gold mine, and your engaged fans would buy things that you promote. Sounds like an easy way to earn extra money right?

If you’re like most people, you probably dread the idea of having to figure out and manage the monetization. What do you even do? Start contacting a bunch of random people and businesses and pitch them on advertising their offers to your list?

Doesn’t sound like much fun, now does it? Fortunately, there is a solution to skip the dreaded “finding sponsors” phase. A good ad server platform like Admailr comes with its own public ad buying network. This means that you just set up the ad server, and the platform behind it sells ad space in your newsletter.

Established Publisher? Streamline email list monetization & run it on autopilot.

Are you a popular publisher who has plenty of monetization offers, but starting to find monetization management a chore? If it feels almost like a second extra job on top of maintaining, engaging and building your list, you’re not imagining it!

Without the power of an ad server, you’re doing a ton of manual work for no good reason. A good ad server should support private ad networks. And what’s that you might ask?

Well, imagine that you ran an ad platform where people can just come in and order and pay for apps from one interface. All you do is have them sign up, and that’s it. The ad server platform takes care of everything else for you.

You do not need to negotiate with every client separately, just let the platform manage the orders and serve the paid-for-orders in your name. With a platform like Admailr this is especially convenient, because aside from the easy and quick setup, you can set it and forget it.

There’s a reason why you have a popular and large list, and it has to do with your focus on email marketing and providing value to your readers. Let us help you streamline the monetization aspect so that you can focus on what you do best, delivering valuable, engaging email.

Advertisers: Leverage email audience buying power (skip setup & list building).

Are you the kind of person who keeps hearing about the power of email, but then shudder at the thought of having to set up email marketing systems, build lists, watch deliverability, master engagement and everything else?

You might be thinking that email marketing sounds like an entirely separate skillset to your main line of work. And you know what, you’re right! The truth is that email marketing is a profession in its own right. So what do you do if you’re unwilling to take on this entire new line of work?

The good news is that you don’t have to! Thanks to ad servers you can leverage all the purchasing hunger of an engaged email list, without having to take years to build one! You can simply piggyback off of someone else’s email list.

And the best part? An advanced ad server leader like Admailr automatically matches your ads to just the right newsletters and subscribers. With our patent-pending technology, we make sure that just the right subscribers will see your offer or ad, at just the right time.

Choosing the right ad server

At this point you’re probably seriously considering ad servers a go, but that brings up another, very important question. How do you choose the right ad server platform? Personally, I believe there are several things to look for.

Is it easy to implement (plug & play)?

Remember, the whole point of an ad server is to make your life easier. If your ad server ends up being just another headache in your life, that defeats the purpose. 

Remember, if you’re an advertiser, the whole reason you’re looking at ad servers is because you want to skip all the work of setting up your own list. The right ad server should involve much less effort on your part than even setting up a basic, but decent email marketing system.

And if you’re a publisher, you could always do your own monetization tasks, whether that’s finding or manually managing ad clients and their ads.

Fortunately, at AdMailr we’ve understood that this is the most important characteristic of a good ad server, so this is built in at the core of AdMailr. Everything that we do is guided by the idea that it should make your life easier, whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser.

Pay per click, not impressions

Not many people know this, but one of the reasons that Google became a multi-billion dollar franchise quickly, was because they pushed the pay-per-click model. It quickly became the most popular way to advertise online for a very simple reason. It is the most fair model out there. 

You would think that the debate has been settled, but unfortunately in email advertising there are still some who sell email ads by impressions. As you might guess, with AdMailr you can expect to find a pay-per-click model.

Easy but powerful tracking

Tracking and analytics can be a bit of a paradox with anyone doing business online. Looking at your data is often the best way to make good business decisions and grow as a business.

However, the issue is that if the analytics functionality is too overwhelming, it often ends up being less than useful. You should be able to look at the data and immediately “get it”, and understand what it all means. It shouldn’t require studying tutorials and acquiring a new skillset.

This is why AdMailr (and our related platforms) were always built to make looking at reports simple and straightforward. 

Powerful personalization technology

In modern email marketing, personalization has essentially become a must-have. If you’re going to build a list full of engaged raving fans, you have to utilize personalization. This means delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Now, if you’re a successful publisher, you probably already know about this. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons you even have an engaged list that you want to monetize. But have you considered the advertiser’s side of the story?

Imagine that you’re manually selling ad spots to sponsors. If you’re just going to insert the same static ad to go show to all subscribers, are you really doing the advertiser justice? I mean, they’re looking to get some of the same love from your subscribers that you’re getting.

However, the reason that your subscribers are engaged is because of all the personalization work that you do. Whether this is having quality segmentation, timing or personalized frequency or even content, you do personalize your email marketing.

Now, you could try to manage the ad personalization yourself as well, so you’d manually create different ways to show different ad content based on the segment or other factors. However, at this point you’re basically trying to hack your way into replicating what ad servers do, and poorly at that.

Both advertiser and publisher benefit from more clicks

If you’re the publisher, remember that personalization benefits you directly because you’re paid for each click. It is to your own advantage to make sure that the right subscribers are shown the right ads.

Fortunately for you, at AdMailr we’ve worked really hard to create some patent-pending ad serving personalization technology. This means that our data algorithms and sophisticated matching technology help deliver targeted ads without any effort on your part.

Give AdMailr a try today

The good news is that if you’re an advertiser, getting started is quick. All you have to do is signup for an AdMailr account for free. Just visit this page and choose “advertiser”.

If you’re a publisher looking to start monetizing your newsletter, setup is quick and easy. Just visit the signup page, choose the publisher, and then follow the instructions.

On the other hand, if you are a popular publisher with plenty of monetization offers, but not enough time to manage them, consider the private marketplace option. This is where you can use our ad server technology to quickly and easily manage your own ads and clients. Read more about that here.

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