Admailr and Emercury Can Help You Build Your Brand Digitally

admailr-and-emercury-build-The single greatest benefit of the Internet, when it comes to businesses, is that it leveled the playing field significantly. Businesses no longer need to shell out thousands (even millions?) of dollars if they want to launch a global marketing and advertising campaign. They’ll be able to do the same thing with a few hundred dollars and a team of online marketers. Come to think of it, with enough skill they might be able to build a brand and image online for less.

This is the reason why digital branding campaigns have become a big industry these days. It’s no longer just banner ads and link ads that aim to generate sales – these days advertisements can also allow companies to build their brand’s image and equity to people from all corners of the world.

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As for the many venues for image and brand building on the Internet, the most effective is still email – partly because of the fact that the technology is well-entrenched and almost all services in the digital realm require you to have one. Admailr and Emercury, being two of the premiere email service providers in the industry, are in the position to help companies build their brand digitally. Here are some ways:

Creative Optimization

Email has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone through changes. One of these is that it has become a much more visual medium. A simple text email will no longer cut it, particularly when it comes to brand and image building. With Admailr and Emercury, companies are guaranteed access to professionally designed templates that are also open to further tweaks and modification, ensuring that beyond the content, the look and feel of an email will also reflect the company’s preferred image.

Audience Segmenting and Targeting

With Admailr and Emercury’s vast range of data tracking and analyzing tools, companies can pinpoint their audience and ensure that they aren’t wasting valuable time and resources in targeting the wrong demographic. Additionally, this will allow custom targeting – in the sense that they can send out emails that have different branding strategies to different target demographics.

The benefit of our metric tracking tools go beyond brand building, as it also allows tweaking of any campaign to ensure that the image building efforts aren’t being wasted on an unoptimized campaign.

Customer Retargeting

When it comes to readers, only a portion of all the eyeballs you’re going to get for your newsletters will actually stick around. The rest will click away or will forget all about your company until the next time they receive your email. With customer retargeting, people who clicked away from the email will still be reminded of your brand when they see one of your ads in another website, which is made possible by cookies that tracked whether they recently viewed one of your emails or not.

Customer Support

This isn’t directly related to building a brand, but it is still important enough to have an effect. Emercury and Admailr’s team of knowledgeable support people will ensure that you’re never going in blindly, that clients will always have someone to turn to if ever there is a hitch or a mystery in one of their newsletter campaigns while using the email service.


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