Content That Attracts, Convinces, and Converts Prospects

It’s common knowledge among online marketers that content marketing is one of the most powerful strategies that were made possible by the Internet, but what a lot of marketers (particularly novice ones) forget is that there are certain rules to content marketing – you can’t just pump out tons of random content and expect results. One of the first rules that must be followed is that you should only provide content that is both unique and valuable. To be more specific: content that attracts, convinces, and converts prospects.

If you want to produce unique and valuable content, you need to keep the following things in mind:

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Produce Content That People Want, Not Content That Companies Think They Need

This is one of the most important things to consider with regard to content marketing, but is also one of the more commonly neglected pieces of advise. Sometimes companies get so enmeshed in their own presentations and internal data that they tend to forget that the content should be geared towards the customers. This frequently results in content that is too corporate or too irrelevant to the interests of people.

Show Your Business At Work

This technique is rarely used by many businesses because they’re too paranoid over revealing their secrets, but the truth is that you can show your business at work without going in depth into the nitty gritty and trade secrets that are part of your operations. For instance, a burger joint can show footages of their staff and crew serving the customers and cooking their food, there are no trade secrets that will be revealed unless they outline the ingredients and specific preparation of their food, which nobody really cares about. You can apply the same level of functional yet risk-free transparency for any business.

Give Credit Where It Is Due, Even If It’s a Competitor

This is particularly powerful if you’re just starting out, but also works if you’re already established. The only reason why it’s not being used more commonly is that businesses are once again paranoid, afraid that they might give business to their competitors. The truth is that you don’t really need to brown-nose the competitors. Be truthful and respectful when covering them and stay out of the picture. However, you should add links and subtle CTAs that can drive attention towards your business. What happens is twofold – first, the customers will be more likely to trust you after showing that you’re willing to show your competitors in a positive light if they deserve it, and second, your competitors might actually promote the content you’ve produced as it paints them in a good picture, all the while driving some of their traffic towards your business.

Publish Real Life case Studies

Sales pitches are starting to lose their charm with customers. People have become skeptical and information is a few mouseclicks away. What they are interested in is stories of how your product or service has helped actual customers – people like them – in the past.

Most of the tips that were outlined above are fairly uncommon or not being practiced simply because they run counter to what conventional marketing has taught people, but the thing is the Internet changed a lot of things and introduced new strategies that defy old knowledge. If you want content that attracts, convinces, and converts prospects, you need to be ready to adopt new counter-intuitive ideas.


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