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increase-newsletter-subscriIt’s common knowledge among marketers that email is still one of the most powerful channels for marketing, considering that an email newsletter can singlehandedly improve a company’s bottomline if it’s effective in getting website visitors to convert. However, email newsletters are just one step in a series. After all, even the best newsletters won’t do your business any good if you only have a handful of subscribers. If you want to increase newsletter subscription, you should try to keep the following in mind:

Make it Easy for Users to Sign Up for Your Newsletters

The thing about sign ups is that it’s the single most important step in increasing your subscribers. However, it can also be a dealbreaker. Filling out forms is not an enjoyable process, and many marketers fail to remember this very important fact, resulting in sign up forms that are so tedious that potential subscribers get turned off, or even give up halfway.

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You want to make this part as easy and fast as you can. Ask only for the necessary information. If you really need extra details, you can ask for it later in follow up e-mails. You just need them to go through with the sign up process as fast as you can.

Be Mindful of the Location of the Sign Up Form

You don’t want a user to get lost on their way to the sign up form, right? So make sure a copy of the sign up form is on every page of the website. If you followed the previous advice, your form should be small enough that they won’t completely take over the page. Remember: if your sign up form is so complex that it can take over an entire page, it’s too much and you need to whittle it down some.

Make Sure Your Forms Default to Yes

If your forms have checkboxes or dropdown menus, make sure they default to a check or a Yes/I agree when they load. Make it easier for your users to opt in than it is to opt out. It’s just common sense but you would be surprised to find out how many marketers forget this simple fact.

Provide Reasons on Why the User Should Sign Up

You should be very clear on why the user should subscribe to your newsletter. Specify what they will be getting when they give you their precious information. It’s not just the benefits that you have to provide, but also specifics that may convince them to let you in their inbox – the frequency of emails, what you’re going to do with their personal information, etc. As much as possible, try to address any lingering doubts that the user may have. If possible, you can also offer incentives such as free promo codes or giveaways just to get them to sign up.

Make it Easy for Your Users to Promote Your Newsletters

Assuming that you have really good content in your newsletter (and you should, otherwise you’re in the wrong business), chances are your users are willing to share it with their friends and acquaintances. Encourage them to do so by making it easy for them to invite more people in. Provide “Forward this” or “Share” links in the body of the email itself, and slip in words of encouragement to get their family and friends to sign up as well.

Lastly, Test and Improve Regularly

No form and newsletter, however good they are, will continue to be effective forever. There is always room for improvement, so make sure you set aside time to introduce improvements and to test, so that you always have the opportunity to improve your success rate in everything.

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