Turn Subscribers to Customers Through Your Newsletters

turn-customers-to-subscribeEvery marketer knows that subscribers and customers are not necessarily the same thing, though the definition overlaps sometimes. It doesn’t matter how large your list is or how popular your site – only a portion of the users in them will actually convert. This is fine for marketers who aren’t really depending on sales in order to earn a revenue (such as in cases where they only need to drive traffic or increase exposure,) but what do you do if you start needing more customers? Do you scrap your current business model and build one better suited to attracting customers? No, you retarget your subscribers and turn them into customers using your newsletter.

Retargeting Explained

Retargeting in marketing is essentially what the name implies: it allows you to “re-target” potential customers that have already left the sales funnel before reaching the end. Online stores have been using it effectively for years now, relying on cookies to know if a user has looked at a bunch of products at their website but left without buying anything; said user will then get a reminder about the products that interested him, usually through ads that are being shown on the next sites that he visits.

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Using Retargeting to Turn Newsletter Subscribers Into Customers

With email retargeting, the basic principle is the same. You can show ads across different display networks simply by tracking the emails that your subscriber opens and the links that he clicks. This allows for effective and contextually relevant display of advertising, and will let you remind users of things that they were interested in but didn’t buy.

Benefits of Retargeting

As mentioned above, retargeting will allow you to maximize revenue as you might get the sales of people who were already interested in buying but weren’t able to, probably because they don’t have any money at the time or that they were hoping to find a better deal elsewhere. Without retargeting, those sales could have been lost as they may have already forgotten about the product until they are reminded of it via a competitor’s website or store. In a way, this is locking your customers in and ensuring that they won’t be sniped by competitors.

Lastly, retargeting’s benefits go beyond merely squeezing those last bits of sales from your customers. It helps increase the efficiency of your branding and marketing campaigns, as customers will still be reminded of your products and your newsletter even after clicking out of your emails.


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