What Online Data Can’t Provide and How Admailr Can Help

It used to be that insight was a personal quality possessed by the best marketers in the business, with said marketers being sought after by businesses because they were able to gain valuable information from the human side of a business, which helps when used along with cold, hard calculated data from finance and logistics. However, these days the term “insight” has taken on a slightly different meaning, as it now pertains to the byproduct of various algorithms, analysts, and maybe even mathematicians.

The shift in dynamics isn’t surprising. The advancements in computing power has exceeded expectations these past few decades. Now, computers can run through billions of data points and find relationships between said data points and various other factors, which can then be leveraged to find faults and increase efficiency in anything – basically the same goal marketers have been trying to achieve using personal insight.

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However, online data such as these are still just part of the equation. It only works in a simulated market, where costs of failure are negligible but once applied to the real world, failure can be costly. That is why Admailr helps marketers take advantage of online data, without taking on the risks associated with real world application.

Chief of these is Admailr’s tools that facilitate analysis and split testing of various metrics, giving marketers the ability to leverage cold, hard data and human insight in order to maximize their return on investment. With Admailr, marketing success relies not purely on technology, but with a marketer’s ability to marry human insight to powerful algorithms and the mountains of data they can provide.

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