What We Can Learn From Ogilvy About Newsletter Advertising

David Ogilvy is a big name in traditional advertising. Those of you who are into direct marketing or direct response marketing might associate his name to one of the biggest advertising agency in the world.

What many don’t know is that Ogilvy is the number one antagonist of a traditional advertising. In this 7-minute video, Ogilvy pours out his “secret weapon” that made him a superstar in advertising, that secret weapon is direct mail. He insists that getting the product direct to the consumer is a far more cost efficient way of marketing. He insists that “creativity” and “originality” is the most dangerous word in advertising and marketing. He insists that creativity is a nothing more than an excuse to veer away from the necessity of measuring campaigns because it is in the measuring that you can really unlock what can sell a product.

the value of newsletter advertising

Newsletter Advertising is the Most Direct Marketing You Can Find

The success of Ogilvy lies in his relentless to pursuit to find the market that will find his product relevant. He does not believe in big numbers, he believes in relevance. He believes that a consumer will only be interested in a product based on its won merit and how that merit meets his need. No amount of wordsmithing can alter that equation.

That is precisely what newsletter advertising through Admailr achieves.

Newsletter’s Relevance

Allowing something or someone to enter your email, one of the most intimate forms of communication, means that you already trust the brand or company sending your the newsletter and you feel the product is relevant to you.

That trust is the most valuable asset of newsletters. Whatever they put on that newsletter comes with a guarantee that it is, at the very least, a welcome information.

Forgotten Opportunity

The boom of credit cards gave direct marketing a new life. Advertisers were finally able to enter the homes of the consumers directly once again. That should have exploded when the internet became bigger. Instead, the internet became a cheaper version of free TV. Advertisers started creating viral videos and creative websites.

The real asset of the internet’s technology is the ability to determine what is relevant to the consumer and this is what Admailr does best.

Admailr determines what products or brands a user finds more relevant. It then pushes the same type of ads or products to the consumer.


There really is nothing original about the concept of putting ads on newsletters. It is a proven form of adveritising. What is new is the technology that allows direct marketing to be more efficient. Back then, advertisers will have to print thousands of mailers and spend thousands of dollars before it determines what kind of copy or offers work best.

Admailr allows brands to target their audience, determine what offers and copies sell best and finetune their camapaign with almost zero cost. .

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