Why People Shop Online and How Your Newsletter Can Benefit

Online shopping is essentially what keeps affiliate marketing and list managers alive. List manager earn from their list when subscribers buy something that gives list managers commission.

When it comes to any endeavor, it always helps to play to your strengths and advantages. In the case of newsletters, it’s the fact that more and more people these days prefer to shop online than spend a huge chunk of their time braving the crowds at a nearby mall. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of this advantage, you first need to understand the specific reasons why people shop online and how you can leverage it for your newsletter’s benefit. These reasons include:

Searching for What They Want is Easy

This is easily one of the biggest draws of online shopping. Customers no longer need to drive or commute, not to mention walk the entirety of a mall just to find what they want. Everything can be found with a few mouseclicks. You have to take advantage of this for your newsletter. Use the data you have about your subscribers to give them the things that they might be looking for. The keywords that have brought them to your opt in page and their past clicks will be invaluable in telling you what kind of products you need to present to your customers.

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They Don’t Have to Deal with Crowds or Queues

When shopping online, customers don’t have to deal with the hassle of squeezing into crowds and getting elbowed for their trouble. They don’t even have to wait in queues just to get to the products they want, regardless of how many customers there are on an online store. What this means for your newsletter is that people are much more receptive, as their patients are not being tested when trying to purchase a product. You need to take advantage of this by further making it easier for your customers – minimize cruft in your order forms, offer a wealth of delivery options, and present all information in an organized and easy to access way. Don’t waste your users’ time with options and info hidden away in various pages.

Shopping Online is Convenient

As mentioned above, one of the biggest draws of online shopping is that it’s convenient. Customers can shop any time they want and from wherever they want. What this means for your newsletter is that it becomes possible to target customers during the times when they’re most likely to buy – from paydays, to lunchtimes, after work, and even during weekends. As long as you pay attention to the insights provided by your list and the habits of your customers, it will be easy to sell to people during the times that they want to be sold to.

Last But Not The Least, It’s Easy to Compare Prices

In brick and mortar stores, the only way customers can find the best prices is if they do the necessary amount of legwork and visit various shops while taking note of various prices. Not only is it very tiring, it’s also very time consuming to the point where the savings from getting the best price is no longer worth the hassle and lost time. When it comes to online shopping, though, comparison of prices is easy as a few mouseclicks and won’t take more than a few minutes of a person’s time.

What this means for your newsletter is that you’ll have much better control over the customers as long as you do your part – don’t let them go off on their own comparing prices. It’s not a huge task but if you save them a little bit of time, it will go a long way. Remember that many online shoppers want everything handed to them. Provide price comparisons on your own and outline benefits. As long as you’re being honest with the comparisons, you will reap the benefits of making your customer’s life easier.


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