Linking my Advertiser account to my Publisher Account for my Private Marketplace


What is the Admailr Private Marketplace?

The Admailr Private Marketplace allows publishers (content owners, newsletters owners) to manage their ad orders within email publications/newsletters. 

Note: Publishers have to link their Admailr Advertiser account with their Admailr Publisher account in order to see their own Private Marketplace options.


  • Admailr Advertiser Account. If you don’t have one click here to register
  • Admailr Publisher Account. If you don’t have one click here to register

Note: This article applies to the Admailr Private Marketplace Only

Connect Advertiser with Publisher

  • Login to your Publisher account, and in the dashboard click ‘Preferences’ and select ‘CONNECT ADVERTISER’


  • Enter the email address of the Advertiser account you are linking to and hit ‘CONNECT’.

Note: If you will see a pop up ‘No advertiser with this email address.’ you may need to register an Advertiser account in order to set up Public Marketplace.

Note: An Advertiser account is needed to upload your creatives to tie to your orders. These creatives will only be seen by the publisher account linked on this page.

  • Once you enter the email address of your Advertiser account a ‘Confirmation email’ will be sent to verify ownership. The email notification will have the subject “Connection with Publisher’s account” just click the link and it will redirect you to the Advertiser login page and enter the login information required.

  • If you have not received any confirmation to the email address entered and you are sure the email address is correct, then please check your spam folder or click ‘RESEND’ to have the confirmation email resent. 

  • Upon approval from the Advertiser the publisher will receive a notice as shown below to inform you that the connection has been approved and you can now login to your publisher account to start creating your “Orders”


  • After a successful login you will see a pop up screen that says ‘You have successfully connected with Publisher’
  • You will also get a notification to your advertiser email address.
  • Finally You will see a green check mark if you have successfully linked your publisher to the advertiser account.

Note:In case you want to unlink or disconnect your advertiser account simply hit ‘UNLINK ADVERSTISER’S ACCOUNT’

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