Getting Started as a Publisher


In order to become a Publisher you must send newsletters. To get started be sure to click the link and fill in the necessary information. Click the link ‘Fill in your mailing address and tax form’ to continue.


You are required to enter your physical mailing address, tax forms and confirm your mailing address.


Category Management – Choosing the right categories to show on your newsletter. Click ‘CUSTOMIZED‘ select ‘CATEGORY’ and select the categories you like and hit ‘SAVE’.


Keyword Management – Choose keywords you do not want to show in your advertisement. Click ‘CUSTOMIZE’ select ‘KEYWORD’ choose keywords that you want to filter in your campaign. Separate keywords with commas and hit ‘SAVE’.


Select an ESP on how to create a banner code and paste this in your newsletter. If your ESP is not listed please contact us through chat.

Note: Turn around time for approval on campaigns is 24 hours.


Constant Contact

Active Campaign









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