Are you an Email Service Provider
looking to increase your value to your customers?

Admailr can help.

Admailr will allow your customers to monetize their email newsletter traffic with targetted ad placement inside every newsletter.

Admailr will allow your customers to continue mailing using your platform without any change. Your customer simply needs to subscribe to the Admailr service and select your ESP in the drop down of participating ESPs, and then generate code for their email newsletter. Once they generate the code, they simply place it in your HTML editor and we do the rest.

We pay your subscriber directly based on performance. The second someone clicks the ad in their email they will start accruing revenue.

As the ESP we also track the clicks coming from all your participating customers and pay you on the performance of all your customers – so the ESP gets paid by clicks! Yes, you read that right. We pay you as well just for being the supporting ESP.

We are currently supporting these email providers:

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