Publishers:Earn while you send

Reduce your operational costs of mailing

Earn additional revenue while sending your exact same email

Premium Quality Ad Placement

100% control of what is displayed

Real time reporting on your income


Publishers who were constantly mailing newsletters with good content were consistently looking to reduce costs in mailing.
Isn’t reducing operating cost on everyone’s mind?

Finding the right Ad partner is time consuming and sometimes you would just give up newsletter space for free.


Admailr is a proprietary technology that will allow:

List owners to monetize their list by placing ads on their current publications, and Advertisers to place ads on publications that are relevant to their product for higher consumer engagement.


Bring credibility to your newsletter with premium ads Maximize the value of your content Utilized unused
real estate
Maximize the value of your followers Earn money while sending Focus on your mailing
vs. finding an Ad partner
We are currently supporting these email providers: