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7 Reasons to Make Native Ads part of Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re even marginally interested in following marketing trends, you must have noticed all the hype surrounding native ads. During the past couple of years, native advertising has become one of the most influential and fastest-growing types of advertising.

There is substance behind the hype surrounding native ads – they do work exceptionally well. Native ads offer a slew of benefits for small and large companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs. Native ads nowadays can be adapted to any format. Be it a blog post, website, or newsletter native ads.

It’s wise to note that the rising popularity of native ads is actually part of a more general shift in advertising. As it turns out, traditional and impersonal advertising is dying.

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The old marketing is being replaced by a new kind of relationship-driven marketing. Native advertising itself represents a big player in this “new marketing”. Native ads themselves are great at creating a more meaningful relationship with your audience.

Why are native ads the future of marketing?

The primary focus of native advertising is blending into its surrounding content. The idea is that it shouldn’t stand out. It should feel as if it were a natural part of the editorial content. It doesn’t feel like an ad slapped onto a website or newsletter.

Native advertising doesn’t bother the audience or create a distraction. On the contrary, it enhances their experience in consuming and interacting with that content. Even if you are not always aware of it, you see native ads in your favorite publications on a daily basis.

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No one likes seeing online ads that are aggressively displayed and disrupt the experience of consuming certain content. That kind of advertising is slowly being phased out by a more genuine form of ads. Ones based on a mutually beneficial relationship with the consumer.

So, what makes native ads the future of marketing? Read on to find out.

Native ads are more popular

One of the most useful aspects of native ads is that they produce higher viewing rates in comparison to other types of advertising. They also allow advanced customization. This means that advertisers can represent their offerings in ways that make the target audience more likely to interact. 

Furthermore, using native ads can result in outstanding engagement and conversion rates with customers. The reason is simple: the ads blend in with the content without annoying potential customers with countless distracting messages.

This subtle improvement saves the customers time since they don’t have to bother removing the variety of ads and banners that would otherwise occupy their screen.

Ultimately, customers end up staying much longer on websites that incorporate native ads. What’s interesting is that some websites, like Upworthy, get almost 3x more views towards their native ads than their editorial content.

Native ads increase purchase intent

Native ads in general increase the purchase rate in comparison to, for example, banner ads. Yahoo reports that native advertising also increases search activity of users upon viewing native ads (reporting a number as high as 204% of improvement in search activity).

This is mostly due to the seamless blending of the native ads with the content. In short – engagement and monetization are sure to increase if you replace banner ads with native advertisements.

They strengthen the loyalty of your customers

Every business needs a loyal customer base to stay relevant on the market. If you think that flashy banner ads might get you one, think again! Be wiser and incorporate native ads in your strategy.

When consumers come across a native ad on the website of the brand they like, their brains create an emotional connection to what they’re engaging with. This associates your brand or service with content that they already love and so you’re much more likely to win sales.

Using native advertising, you’re communicating to consumers that you’re not solely interested in their wallets. You’re aiming to create a lasting relationship that’s mutually beneficial. In return, they will reward you with their loyalty.

Native advertising is more genuine than other forms of advertising

Native ads strike a balance where they can blend in, yet still offer transparency. Most native ads openly display the third-party branding. So the consumer knows that this content is third-party content, yet it isn’t like a traditional display ad. It is content that that appears to come from a “trusted third party”. It is content that’s relevant to (and adds value to) the regular content. So they can choose for themselves whether to engage or not. 

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The best way to describe this is with an analogy. Let’s say you’re having a conversation with a good friend at his house. His colleague from work is sitting alongside you. She’s smart, witty and your friend seems to respect her a lot.

So you’re having this engaging conversation with your friend at his house about some topic. And then she chimes in with a very positive and valuable addition to the conversation. You’re then drawn into a conversation with her that you find even more engaging. You have every reason to trust her because she is a close friend of your friend, and you’ve heard lots of good things about her.

Native ads are similar to this kind of “third trusted person”. It isn’t like some sneaky trick where the advertiser pretends to be the publisher. There is transparency that this is a third party, but there’s also a prebuilt relationship and carryover in trust.

All of this makes native ads more appealing than other forms of advertising. The transparency they offer increases your credibility with the customers. As opposed to forcing random banners and irrelevant ads to pop up on their favorite sites or newsletters.

Publishers get to keep their integrity and self-respect

Control is one of the major things native ads offer to publishers. Advertisers who publish ads on websites often have bigger control over the ads than publishers. So if that advertiser displays a random ad that disrupts the look & feel of the website, the publishers just have to “live with it”.

This isn’t the case with native ads. The publisher doesn’t have to tolerate compromises in style and disruptions in flow. Native ads maintain the tone of the website and increase chances of monetization at the same time. The click-through rates are better both on mobile devices and computers.

The publisher, therefore, builds an even better relationship with their readers. The readers love coming to the website and consuming it when there aren’t distracting elements (like those traditional random display ads).

native ads help you increase monetization in the long run

Customers start working for you

Native ads inspire higher engagement and conversion rates. They engage consumers on both an emotional and intellectual level. Even better, native ads can oftentimes encourage consumers to promote your brand.

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This may happen when they share one of your articles. The one that they discovered from clicking on a native ad. The fact that native ads help you make content go viral is probably one of their biggest upsides.

Native ads are fantastic for improving brand recognition

Customers that consume native ads are more likely to trust your brand. However, even native ads can backfire. They might tarnish the reputation of both the brand and the publisher if the placements aren’t strategic.

Every advantage that we’ve discussed so far assumes you’re placing the native ads in the right place. Your ad has to add value to the conversation on that page. If there is a mismatch between your native ad and the page it displays on – you won’t get much better results than with a display ad.

Fortunately, Admailr is here to help

We’ve worked really hard to come up with the perfect solution. As you already realize – native ads work because relationship-driven marketing works. The power of native ads lies in the general power of relationship-driven marketing. And it is email marketing that creates the deepest bonds and relationships.

When a person looks forward to someone’s newsletters, they open them with anticipation and glee. They look forward to anything this newsletter author will recommend or talk about. This is why email marketing beats everything else in terms of conversion rates and returns.

And incidentally, this is why you should get started with email marketing if you haven’t done it yet. It’s a surefire long-term investment.

But what about now? You can leverage other people’s existing email relationships – starting today. Admailr is a solution that helps you place native ads inside of other people’s newsletters.

Our intelligent process chooses where to display your ads, picking the perfect newsletter and placement every time. To create your free account just head on over to our sign up page.